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10 Best Pedal Switcher – Top Features

1. BOSS Multi-Effects Switcher Guitar Pedal (MS-3)

  • Powerful integrated solution for creating a compact professional pedalboard
  • Unlimited sound creation with six simultaneous pedal effects and audio loops for connecting three external pedals
  • 112 built-in effects types For guitar and bass, including delays, reverbs, mod/pitch effects, overdrives, Distortions, and more
  • Intuitive user interface for easy patch creation
  • Backlit LCD, editing knobs, and panel LEDs for on/off status of loops and effects

2. MOOER Pedal Controller L6 MKII Programmable Loop Switcher

  • Programmable loop switcher with 6 loops
  • The L6 MKII has a pre-position buffer (BUF-F) and post-position buffer (BUF-B) available for activation which will minimize signal attenuation and result in minimum tone loss in the guitar signal
  • Two modes of operation: PLAY mode and LIVE mode. This allows the user the option of utilizing the footswitches to recall up to 36 saved presets or activate pedal loops individually in a traditional manor
  • Footswitch LED for each loop make it fast and easy to see which loops are activated.
  • Dedicated MUTE footswitch,* Includes built-in tuner and supports external tuner

3. JOYO PXL-PRO Foot Pedal Controller Dual 4-Channel 8 Loop Programmable Pedal Switcher with Mute Switch and Buffered Bypass (Black)

  • Total 8 LOOP channels, but can be used as dual independent 4-channel setting.
  • Built-in 4 triggers enable you to use them to switch the amps channel or effects mode settings.
  • Four triggers can be set separately for trigger polarity, mode and action status (including the settings under bypass).
  • Tuner interface, and with independent mute switch for keeping mute or tuning.
  • Directly sold by manufacturer of JOYO Technology Co.,LTD it’s over decade of brand reputation, We will provide best ever excellent customer service with worry-free after-sale service, much better than any other distributors.

4. Morley ABC Pro Selector Routing Switch Pedal

  • – The ultimate amp selector. Route 1 input into 3 outputs. Choose A, B, or C individually or in any combo.
  • – Custom Ebtech 1:1 isolation transformer for absolute transparency and level output.
  • – Easy accessible rugged cold-rolled steel enclosure; 6.63 inch x 4.38 inch x 2.75 inch (L x W x H)
  • – Silent Switching to prevent pops and bleed.
  • – Reverse polarity switch to prevent phasing issues.

5. JOYO PXL8 Foot Pedal Controller 8 FX Loop Programmable Pedal Switcher with True Bypass (Black)

  • JOYO PXL8 is a 8 groups (FX LOOP) foot pedal controller.
  • Programmable grouping system save 32 effects combinations.
  • True Bypass Design–no coloration and TAKAMISAWA miniature signal relay.
  • Built in power input protection, so the supply to power up PXL should be greater than 300mA.
  • Directly sold by manufacturer of JOYO Technology Co.,LTD it’s over decade of brand reputation, We will provide best ever excellent customer service with worry-free after-sale service, much better than any other distributors.

6. One Control White Loop Flash 2-Channel Switcher Pedal

  • Flash Loop Function: Left footswitch toggles between the two (Red & Green) loops. Right footswitch bypasses whole pedalboard Different Uses: AB Switch Amp Channel Switcher Tuner Output/Mute Switch 2x DC outputs to add extra power to your pedalboard The White Loop can be used without DC power, however the LEDs will not function.
  • The White Loop is a two loop true bypass looper
  • What separates the White Loop from many other similar products is the flash loop function
  • The White Loop has a green and red loop
  • One switch toggles between these two loops

7. Hotone Patch Kommander 4-Channel Programmable Effects Loop Switcher

  • Compact size, rock solid aluminum casing
  • 4 independent relay-based True Bypass audio loops
  • Switchable high quality input buffer for preventing high frequency loss
  • Mute/Tuner function with independent tuner output
  • SW A/B function for amp channel switching

8. Hotone Ampero Switch 2-Way Momentary Dual Footswitch Foot Controller 1/4-Inch Pedal Switcher (FS-1(Ampero Switch))

  • Ultra-Compact, Lightweight Dual-Footswitch Controller
  • Momentary Footswitch Design
  • Great External Footswitches for Ampero and other Multi-Effects or Digital Devices
  • TRS Cable Included (80cm)
  • No Power Supply Needed

9. Hand Made Triple Effects Loop Pedal, 3 Looper Switcher Guitar Pedal HH-1

  • 1.Brand new and handmade effects loop
  • 2.Simple 3-channel looper/switcher to give youfull control of your pedals. it does not record
  • 3.True bypass switching: your tone remains 100% unaffected by the pedal when bypassed.
  • 4.Passive pedals only require power for the LEDs; switching will work without power
  • 5.2.1mm 9V centre negative DC socket (same as Boss & most other effects). No batteries

10. Morley ABY Mixer/Combiner

  • Dual inputs routed to dual outputs
  • Inputs have individual levels controls
  • Switch outputs on/off in any combination
  • LED indication
  • Powers rom one 9V or 9V adapter

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