How To Choose The Best Beach Coffee Table Books

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Best Overall
Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water
Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water
Editor's Choice
Nice Pick
The Life and Love of the Sea
The Life and Love of the Sea

Top 10 Best Beach Coffee Table Books

Here are the top beach coffee table books we picked, check their features.
beach coffee table books

1. Slim Aarons: Style

Slim Aarons: Style

Reviews from Real Users

Jim F.

My wife in particular loves the Styling and Locations. I love the shooter’s preternatural photographic eye. And all on “film”…

J. Luong

Excellent balance of images and the stories related to many of the photos. I have enjoyed this book more than several other Slim Aarons books.

S. Henley

Luxury living from days gone by….UNREAL!!

2. Beaches



Reviews from Real Users


This is a photography book. The photography (mainly aerial) is both interesting and beautiful. The book is quite a visual escape. Great for a summer feel. These are aerial photos of beaches from around the world. The photos are taken from a helicopter looking down on the beach from above. Would also make a great gift for anyone who loves the beach. There is very little text but the photos are beautiful, often very colorful. Just a pleasure to flip through and enjoy. Perfect coffee table book. Guests will enjoy it too.

Amazon Customer

I am a big fan of Gray Malin's photographs and knew I had to have this book as soon as I saw it. It looks beautiful on a coffee table and is fun to parooze. I recently purchased a second copy for a "Favorite Things" gift exchange where we had to bring something that we loved but also 20 other women may potentially like. I brought this book and it was a hit! Cannot recommend enough.


I purchased this book to give as a gift to a friend who let us use their beach house for free. Pictures were great and the book was high quality! Great coffee table addition.

3. The Life and Love of the Sea

The Life and Love of the Sea

  • Abrams

Reviews from Real Users


My love of the sea began as a child, when I fell overboard and was raised by dolphins. I swam with them for many years, learning to hunt fish, to evade sharks, even to poke them while they slept in their caves. At night lovely mermaids fell into my arms and by day I fought endless battles with moray eels, killer whales and our old enemy -- crocodiles.
This book is full of beautiful photographs of the sea.
Here are my 3 favorite art books, all available on Amazon:
- Icon by Frank Frazetta
- Airshow by Phillip Castle
- Great Fighter Jets of the Galaxy 1 by Tim Gibson

A. Whitfield

This is a beautiful book. It's so thick and full of life within the pages. Each page has either a beautiful picture of sea life or poetic words that make you feel like you're a part of the sea. This book was a gift for my daughter on her birthday and has become her favorite gift so far.

Karen Andersen

Love this book. As good as the pictures look online it does not compare to how great the quality is in person! The pictures are amazing. I had to wait a bit to get it because it was out of stock, but it was COMPLETELY worth the wait! It was supposed to go in our beach rental but I loved it so much I kept it!

4. Escape


Reviews from Real Users


With its refined cover, silver gilded pages, a greater number of pages, and more variety, it is "Beaches" grown-up sister.

Every bit as colorful, it's even more breathtaking. Shots are mostly scenic, with some lifestyle ones interspersed.

If, like I, you are strictly a beach person, don't be put off: Surf, Pool (my fave! A throwback to Esther Williams days), Sand, and Isles comprise at least half the book — but I still enjoyed viewing the rest.


What a treat to have found this book while browsing for interior design books to place on a foyer console table! The front cover immediately sucked me in because I love photography such as this. Although incorrect, I like to call such photos the “little person” photo where the people are small against a beautiful, vast backdrop. I can’t wait to place this on my coffee table so friends and family can browse through its pages. Gray Malin’s words in the book are few from what I’ve gathered since page 92, but so well written. Short and sweet is what I appreciate. The book is also beautiful and substantial.

Wiley Park

I actually saw this book at an Amazon 4-star store initially and was able to thumb through it in person before purchasing a few months online later. The full page and double page spreads of Gray Malin's photos are an immersive experience that just kind of takes your breath away. A nice little escape from the chaos in life without physically traveling.

5. Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water

Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water


Reviews from Real Users


This book was simply fantastic. It's one of the most beautiful, soulful and inspiring design and lifestyle book that I have read in a very very long time. I couldn't wait for it to come out and it exceeded my expectations. I am so in love with not only the surfing lifestyle, but the philosophy of living behind it. Getting a sneak peek into the living environments while learning about what makes these free spirits tick brought such a great peacefulness to life. While the world churns out negativity, division, anger and disrespect, this book is a breath of fresh salty air. I love it and want to pick up a surf board or at least go put my feet in the sand and appreciate everything I have in life.


This is a wonderful book with casual homes, many with reclaimed materials, and plenty of wood. Most of the homes are furnished with colorful textiles and have a laid-back feel. There's no pretension here. Of course there are plenty of surf boards. The book is printed on heavy paper and has some weight to it. Overall, I'm very pleased.


I bought this book for my husband, the design enthusiast, and he was super happy with it. We both love to glimpse at home and interior aesthetics. It is nice to get off pinterest and instagram and hold a thought out and beautiful book exploring this fun lifestyle. If you love interiors and design you will love this book.

6. Shells: Nature’s Exquisite Creations

Shells: Nature

Reviews from Real Users

Cris H.

This is a stunning book! I live at the beach in coastal Florida, so I love to showcase beautiful books about shells, sea life, nautical maps, and local flora in my decor. The photographer captures the true beauty if every shell. My houseguests who come to visit always grab this book first! Great coffee table book!

Zoo Lady

When my siblings and their spouses turn 60 I by them a coffee table book that is reminiscent of something of something significant in their life.
When my brother was young he loved to collect sea shells so this was a perfect choice.


Beautiful pictures. Great book just getting an up close view of various shells. The names of the shells are listed in the back of the book too!

7. Bliss: Beaches

Bliss: Beaches

Reviews from Real Users

Mayflower Girl

As we're all slowly emerging from a worldwide Covid lockdown, along comes the perfect book that allows you to either travel vicariously with photographer Randall Kaplan or inspires you to actually plan some real vacations.

This is simple an exquisite book. The quality of the photography combined with the quality of the paper, printing, and total layout design is superb. Mr. Kaplan not only provides gorgeous photographs, but interesting little personal anecdotes about the places he's photographed and often visited with his family. There's a nice thumbnail index of the photos and places in the back.

This would be the perfect addition to a coffee table anywhere--be it in your home, office, beach house, or rental. It's the type of apolitical universally-enjoyed book that would easily make a home in a physician or other professional's office as well.

Buy this book, blend up something tropical, and escape!

Mom To 3 Boys

"bliss" is a must have for anyone who longs for the magic of the beach and ocean. Each page is filled with stunning colors and unusual perspectives and the masterful photo's speak for themselves. They beckon to your own memories of the water and sand or sunset. I find myself fascinated by the people in the pictures. Are they on vacation? Do they live there? Is this their first time touching salt water? Have they built a sand castle or collected shells?
Aside from seizing your imagination the book is lovely to hold and touch. It has some weight without being heavy. The paper is thick and glossy and feels rich under your fingertips. It is wide and perfect for your lap. It even smells good!
Buy the book. You will not be disappointed.

Fred in Atlanta

My copy of Bliss arrived from Amazon just today; I couldn't put it down. Each page turn draws you into another gorgeous beach from the near-by to the exotic. Why am I sitting at home when there is an amazing world out there created for our enjoyment? Clearly, the author has a passion for beauty and sharing that beauty with others. Bliss will be under the Christmas tree for many friends and family members this Christmas. Hoping for an encore, Randall Kaplan!

8. In Love With The Sea: Ocean Coffee Table Book (White Natural Cover): Large 8.25×11 Inches, Hardcover Cocktail Table Book Decor Colorful, 75 Pages i

In Love With The Sea: Ocean Coffee Table Book (White Natural Cover): Large 8.25x11 Inches, Hardcover Cocktail Table Book Decor Colorful, 75 Pages in ... Photography with Inspirational Ocean Quotes

9. Gray Malin: The Essential Collection

Gray Malin: The Essential Collection

Reviews from Real Users


I’ve loved Gray Malin long before I could ever afford a single piece of his work. Naturally, I was pumped about this book and counted down the days from pre-order until this stunner arrived. It did NOT disappoint! This book was like a mini vacay in my lap 😉! Whether you’re buying as your first GM or adding to your laundry list of goodies, snag this book immediately! It does not disappoint. I will flip through this many more times to come! Also, it’s just the prettiest book I’ve ever owned!


Such a work of art! I absolutely loved every page of this book. It's happy and whimsical and inspring. Just what any visitor would enjoy thumbing through on your coffee table. It's huge and heavy so just be prepared for that but so worth every, single penny! Gorgeous photos!


First of all, the book is HUGE. beautiful table book. i didn't take the time to see measurements of the book when i ordered it. Its a keeper. I get to have some of my favorite pictures of Gray Malin to look at over and over again. LOVE
(p.s. I was supposed to receive a signed copy of the book, but did not, so I do have to look into that)

still - 5 starts

10. Surf Craft: Design and the Culture of Board Riding (The MIT Press)

Surf Craft: Design and the Culture of Board Riding (The MIT Press)

  • Mit Press

Reviews from Real Users

SC John G.

Watching my father lovingly turn page after page and remark, "Hey, I used to ride with him!" or, "He shaped my first board!" or, "My brother rode one just like this in '68!", and turn with tears in his eyes to remark it was one of the best birthday gifts an old shaper/surfer could get, well, that made the whole purchase pretty much perfect. Don't expect bikinis and two-page spreads of 30'+ reef breaks... the boards (and their shapers/history) are the stars here.

Elizabeth M

Got this for my dad. Great surfer gift! Awesome coffee table book!


This book was a Christmas gift for my 14 yr old grandson. He is an avid and accomplished surfer. He was thrilled to add this to his surfing library. He shares it with his Dad. He also gets ideas for surfboard designs and recognizes the classics when he sees one.

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